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My NeighbOR is designed to mobilize caring community members to meet the unique, pressing, and tangible needs of Lane County families.

We are connecting goods and services from community members to families and youth impacted by foster care. Learn how you can help below.

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A: The MY NeighbOR Initiative supports kids experiencing foster care by supporting foster parents, relative foster placements, and families of origin when they are caring for a child who has an existing child welfare case.


A: Every week, the My NeighbOR Coordinator will send an email with a link to the current needs and a few stories behind the requested needs. You will have the opportunity to browse the active list of need requests and “pledge” to meet a need you feel compelled to and capable of meeting. You will drop of the item at our Anchor Site, a third-party location. Families and caseworkers can anonymously pick up items from this Anchor Site at a time that works for them.


A: If every one of our NeighbORs met one need a year, we could meet 3x the needs we met last year. That being said, we understand that all of us bring a unique mix of time, talents, and resources to the table; NeighbORs can meet needs as often or as little as they would like, or they can give a gift toward a need at any time.

NeighbORs Helping Neighbors

//Giving Back//
One foster mom reached out, because she had a new placement of two kiddos, a sibling set. The two came with very little; only a few outfits fit, they didn’t have toys, and the foster mom didn’t have a car seat. Our NeighbORs generously met all of her needs, providing the growing family with a new car seat, clothing for the kids, and even some toys! A few weeks later, this foster mom called and met a need for another family; she had a bunk bed frame that they used for two older foster kiddos who had already moved on. She said she felt so much support from the My NeighbOR supporters that she wanted to pass along some kindness too.

//Meet Every Need//
A few months back, we had a week where we received 12 new needs requests, which is unusually high for our area. One couple reached out to us and shared that the husband just got our of surgery so they weren’t able to shop, but they still wanted to help the families. The two donated $500 to cover the 7 needs that hadn’t been met and future needs. The couple showed up for a mom who was being reunified with her little girl and didn’t have any items to take care of the little one, a foster mom who had just brought on a 4 year old and 18 month old, who came into care without toys or clothes that fit, and a relative provider who just needs new clothes that would fit her granddaughter. We LOVE the compassionate hearts of our My NeighbOR Supporters.

//Utilizing the My NeighbOR Fund//
A family was brought to our attention who needed a dishwasher. The mom was days away from giving birth, they already had 5 adopted and foster kiddos, and then their dishwasher breaks. 5 kids (plus other troubled teens that they host), new baby, and no dishwasher. We were able to utilize funds that YOU gave to our MyNeighbOR fund to get them a gift card and get a new dishwasher delivered to their home.

The momma messaged us, and we wanted to share her response with you:

“You don’t even understand how much this means to us! With our 5 older adopted/foster kiddos and our revolving spare room for at-risk foster teens, and our newest addition, our dishwasher going out was just devastating. (We really have laughed about the irony though. A great learning op for the teens on how to hand wish dishes). This means sooo much!! Thank you!”