How It Started

In 2012, Embrace Oregon began in the Portland area with welcome boxes and hospitality at the child welfare offices in the region.

The momentum grew in Portland, and Embrace Oregon began to experience unprecedented results.

  • More than 600 foster family inquiries since 2015, and 250 foster families certified with DHS Child Welfare
  • 750 tangible needs met
  • 3,550 volunteers engaged
  • 14,000 Welcome Boxes delivered
  • 100 businesses and 90 faith communities connected

As a result, interest began to pour in from other counties in Oregon asking, “How can I start something in my community?”

In 2015, Every Child emerged to answer this question, starting in Lane County.

After all, Oregon’s Department of Human Services (DHS) does not exist to recruit and coordinate volunteer efforts, but rather to care for children and families in crisis. So, Every Child stepped in to provide a coordinated effort in the community.

Partnering with DHS and community organizations, Every Child works to solve Oregon’s foster care crisis through raising awareness, volunteer and Foster family recruitment, quality education and training, personal connections, and public and private initiatives.

What can you bring?